With Terry Brown

Yoga Studies

    • This class is for teachers and students of Yoga that wish to deepen their practices and studies of Yoga in new areas for personal growth and transformation.       
    • August 10th – MeltMethod for Kyphosis or the Tightness in the Upper Back – Whether you have a dowager’s hump (kyphosis), want to improve your posture, normalize your head position, or alleviate upper body pain, this MeltMethod sequence is for you.  This map features an Upper Body Compression Sequence and Neck Release Sequence, which will help improve the fluid flow in and around your upper back and neck, reducing stuck stress in the connective tissue and better supporting your alignment.  You must have a MeltMethod Soft Foam Roller and MeltMethod Hand and Foot Balls to participate on zoom.  All levels.
    • August 17th – Look Ma!  No Hands!  Non-Weight Bearing on the Upper Arms Vinyasana – The upper extremities benefit from beating the weight of the body!  However, too many Chaturanga Dandasanas can put the shoulders at risk for injury.  Also, students with shoulder and wrist injuries can benefit from options when they want to practice more vigorously without re-injuring.  This sequence includes many standing poses (symmetrical and lateral), backbends and some seated postures!  All sequenced to keep you moving safely and without a single Chaturanga Dandasana!  At least 6 months of asana practice.  
    • August 24th – Preparing the Body for Seated Meditation – To sit in mediation, the hips, lower back and upper back should be comfortable.  This class will teach you how to open the hips to protect the knees, and other practices so that when you sit, you are more relaxed and you can concentrate on the Light within, instead of the aches and pains!  This class also shows you what to do at the end to unwind the little aches and enjoy the benefits of your meditation.  All levels.
    • August 31st – MeltMethod for Immune Support – The calves are inherently linked to your sinuses through a fascial continuum.  This head-to-toe map will be your hero when you’re feeling sick and stuffy, helping support your immune system as well as your balance and stability.  This class will begin with an assessment before moving onto work on the shins, thighs, back, shoulders and ribs.  We’ll even do a sternal decompress and give some much-needed attention to the face and base of skull.  You must have a MeltMethod Soft Foam Roller and MeltMethod Hand and Foot Balls to participate on zoom.  All levels.