With Terry Brown

Yoga Studies

This class is for teachers and students of Yoga that wish to deepen their practices and studies of Yoga in new areas for personal growth and transformation.    

 February 28—Spine Satisfying Stretches:  The Best Stretches When You Need Them Most

This is the collection of stretches that can offer some relief to back pain and tension almost immediately.  This class presents an organized sequence of simple stretches for the spine. Simple, but very beneficial.  Especially if you do them often.   – All Levels.

March 6—MeltMethod for the Hands, Wrists, and Forearms

This Melt treatment is designed for anyone dealing with hand, wrist or forearm pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or tennis elbow. It’s also a great practice for yoga students and anyone involved in activities and sports that need their arms to be health and fully functioning.  This practice will use the MeltMethod Balls and Foam Roller. You must have a MeltMethod™ Soft Foam Roller and Hand and Foot Melt Ball Kit to participate on Zoom. Order from www.meltmethod.com. While these supplies are provided for in studio students, it’s very helpful if you could bring your own roller for class.

March 13—Exploring Meditation

Studies have documented that the benefits of meditation include: lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, less anxiety, improved feelings of well-being, and deeper relaxation.   The challenge can be trying to figure out what meditation style to practice.  Just like the physical practices, there is not a “one size fits all” method.  This class will explore many different techniques, including methods from The HeartMath Institute, Ho’oponpono, Purna Yoga Meditation Snacks, and Loving Kindness Meditations.  Then it’s up to you to explore and practice further!  All Levels.  

March 20—Yoga Therapeutics for Healthy Knees

Tight calf muscles can affect the thigh bone and tight hamstrings can affect the shin bone, both resulting in poor knee joint alignment.  Tight quadriceps can lead to misalignment of the patella. This misalignment causes strain on the knee joint and instability in the entire leg. Do you feel anything in the knee joint when you walk up and down steps, when you run, or when you have been standing for long periods of time?  Yoga practices can help restore flexibility, strength, and stability for a healthy knee that last a lifetime.  All Levels.

 March 27— Practice for Your Healthy Posture

Good posture is about more than standing up straight so you can look your best. It is an important part of your long-term health. Making sure that you hold your body the right way, whether you are moving or still, can prevent pain, injuries, and other health problems. In this class, we’ll review the main yoga poses and practices as well as important key points of alignment to help us maintain a healthy posture for life.—All Levels.