With Terry Brown

Yoga Studies

This class is for teachers and students of yoga that wish to deepen their practices and studies of yoga in new areas for personal growth and transformation.  

  • May 11th – Enriching the Practice of Bhujangasana ~ Bhujangasana may appear to be one of the simplest of the backbends.  The spine is fully in extension and there is a full opening of the throat and heart.  Eventually, the head lifts and rests on the back.  Almost everyone can do some sort of variation of it!  This class will look at the important actions that support this pose, props that help make the practice more accessible, and appropriate adjustments.  Recommended at least 6 months of asana practice. 
  • May 18th – MeltMethod for the Lower Back, Hips and Legs ~ If we sit for long periods of time during a day, the tissues in the lower body and your backside are in a constant state of tension and compression.  Compressing connective tissue or pulling on it for long periods of time pulls the vital fluids out of this supportive collagen matrix.  This damages the collagen fibers, decreases the flexible supportive environment connective tissue creates.  Also, the repetitive movements of leading an active lifestyle are similarly dehydrating to the connective tissue.  This cellular dehydration means that the hips often become tight, achy and unstable.  This MeltMethod self-treatment will help rehydrate hour lower body.  You must have a MeltMethod Soft Foam Roller to participate on Zoom.  All levels.
  • May 25th – Using Twists and Backbends for a Healthy, Happy, Youthful Spine ~ Sitting posture while driving and working, minimal daily activities and mental tensions create rigidity in your spine.  Twists and Backbends break up the tensions, creating a more youthful and vibrant spine.  After this practice, you will feel more energy flowing throughout your body, your breath will feel deeper and the organs of digestion and elimination will be regenerated.  All levels.