Private Instruction

Discover the path of self exploration and conscious living.

Many students of yoga express interest in booking private yoga sessions with an instructor. There are many reasons for working with an instructor in a private one-on-one session:

  • An opportunity to work on a specific home program designed just for you and your needs or desires
  • Personal attention to help you work on a specific pose, like moving past your fear of doing headstand in the middle of the room, or those challenging backbends
  • Developing a program to help you with a specific physical issue like low back pain, or knee or shoulder challenges
  • Guidance on sequencing for a specific condition, like high blood pressure or diabetes

Typical private sessions fees:

1/2 hour – $40.00
1 hour – $75.00
1 1/2 hour – $105.00

To book a private session, contact the Triad Yoga Institute at 336.851.0366, or e-mail the studio at