With Terry Brown

Continuing Studies

This class is for teachers and students of yoga that wish to deepen their practices and studies of yoga in new areas for personal growth and transformation.    

  • December 1st – Yoga to Reverse Kyphosis (Shoulders Forward, Head Forward, Increased Upper Back Curve) ~ In our culture, we tend to move faster with the head than the heart.  Computer work, driving, and daily habits of living bring the head forward, as well as the urge to know what is going on outside in the world around us.  The head begins to move forward in space, the shoulders drop forward, and the upper thoracic spine begins to round out of the body, creating a posture known as kyphosis.  Reversing the spinal collapse and opening the chest and shoulders can improve how we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.  All levels.
  • December 8th – Goal Pose: Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana (Revolved Half Moon) ~ The practices to prepare for this pose are fun and exhilarating!   This challenging balance and twisting standing pose merges from the beginning of Ardha Chandrasana and Parivrtta Trikonasana.  The balance of prana between the legs and the feet to keep you grounded, and the steady stream of pranayama in the upper body must be precisely calibrated.  Have fun, while developing confidence and fortitude.  Mixed Level Students.
  • December 15th – iRest Yoga Nidra for Pain ~ Suffering arises when we separate from right action, when we refuse rather than welcome pain.  Pain is our nervous system’s natural response to internal and external events that are calling for our attention.  It makes sense, then, that we should listen and welcome messengers of pain and suffering, which are trying to orient us to right action with respect to the internal or external events that are giving rise to the messengers  of pain and suffering.  When we respond correctly, suffering ceases, pain diminishes or entirely dissolves, and equanimity ensures.  All levels.
  • December 22nd – Meditation ~ Transforming our suffering into happiness depends on your mind, attitude.  We need techniques that help develop the mind from day to day, moment by moment.  This class will focus on techniques that are easily practiced and demonstrate lasting benefits.  Learning meditation techniques is like having a life-jacket thrown to you while you are tossing about in the turbulent Sea of Life.  It’s up to you to put it on.  It’s up to you to practice.  All levels welcome including novices.
  • December 29th – Twists, Twists, Twists ~ Standing twists, reclining twists, seated twists.  Twists to tone your abdominal area.  Twists to release tension in your back.  Twisting poses massage the abdominal organs and release tension in the spinal muscles.  As twisting postures progress, they also become hip and shoulder openers.  This class will explore a progressive sequence of poses in this category.  Mixed Level Students.