With Terry Brown

Continuing Studies

This class is for teachers and students of yoga that wish to deepen their practices and studies of yoga in new areas for personal growth and transformation.     

  • April 21st:  MeltMethod for The Upper Back, Shoulders and Hands ~ Whether you are an athlete, lift weights or sit at a desk all day, stuck stress accumulates in your shoulders and upper back.  This MeltMethod self-treatment will help rehydrate your upper body and relieve stress in your shoulder girdle.  You must have a MeltMethod(tm) Soft Foam Roller and Hand and Foot Treatment Kit to participate.  All levels.
  • April 28th:  Dancing Through Life ~ Happiness is within you.  Practicing Yoga as a fulfilling activity can have positive effect on all areas of your life.  In this class, we’ll dig through the tool box of Yoga and find the mantras, mudras, affirmation, breath exercises (like the breath of joy), and Yoga poses that help remove negative energy and create a positive loving attitude.  All levels.